About United Plastics
United Plastics are frontline suppliers of polythene products and by providing a comprehensive product portfolio, competitive pricing and reliable customer support, we have successfully built our place in the Australian market

Based in Sydney, we understand our customer's needs and respond with professional and friendly service
United Plastics has a product range of well over 4,000 items and supplies all types of polythene consumables
Founded in 1980, United Plastics is considered one of Sydney's preferred plastic bag suppliers

We provide a way for businesses and individuals to purchase
plastic products at prices usually only available to wholesalers

Using our product knowledge our customers always have a much better time sourcing
plastic packaging consumables and necessities on time without errors and little stress
The proof is most customers who bought products from us in 1980 still buy products from us today

Please contact our friendly and experienced online staff

Please Note - Minimum Orders - Depends on Size
Printed Carry Bags - 5,000-10,000 pieces
Printed Resealable Bags - 10,000 - 20,000 pieces

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Extruding - Printing - Artwork - Converting
Thicknesses of 13um up to 250um
Widths of 50mm up to 2200mm wide
Virgin or Remil
Pricing is Ex Gst

email us sales@unitedplastics.com.au